Everything you need to know about our coach trips

Booking and payment

Once you have booked and received the booking confirmation email, you will have 7 days to transfer the funds. PLEASE NOTE: Payment after the end of this period will not be valid. We will not contact you to enquire about delays; the coach seat will be offered to other fans. On request, we can arrange an alternative date for payment (e.g. in case of booking collectively for a big group).

Payment confirmation / ticket

For 'Festival Coach trips' you will receive the payment confirmation and ticket via e-mail. Please enter a valid e-mail address when purchasing ticket. 

"One-way" bookings

Some fans will only require a 'one way' ride, rather than a round trip journey. These are not available via the booking system, instead carried out on request if the seats are available. Prices for "one-way" trips are similar to a round trip, depending on the intended departure point. These will be given on request.


a) The festival coach trip is the complete round trip journey. The festival coach trip can also be individually purchased without a festival ticket.

b) The festival ticket is not included in the coach trip price, however they can be ordered in addition or separately!

c) The relevant prices on the product pages for festival coach trip and festival tickets are always the current retail prices including VAT. Surcharges include only shipping costs, which are reported separately.

AFTER booking, AFTER the cash receipt and BEFORE the coach trip

Replacement passenger (name change)

Are you or one of your company unable to attend? If you have found another passenger ready to take the place then simply write us a short email to coachtrip@mh-travel.com and list the details of the person unable to attend and the full name of the new passenger.

Information (news, changes etc..)

For communication purposes, we use e-mail. So please enter a valid e-mail address and check your e-mails regularly. It is also very important to enter a valid phone number, with country code included! (+_ _ ). 


You can cancel your journey with us at anytime without a reason needed. However as we have already started processing the booking, an amount of the payment will be retained. These amounts are as follows:

If the withdrawal happens:

  • 46 days before departure – 10% of the total price.
  • 45 to 30 days before departure – 15% of the total price.       
  • 29 to 15 days before departure – 30% of the total price.
  • 14 to 7 days before departure – 50% of the total price.
  • 6 days before departure – 70% of the total price.
  • less than 6 days – 100% of the total price.
  • non-arrival (no show) – 100% of the total price will be charged.

Please note: The total tour price is for the "Festival coaches' ‚Äčand not on the" festival tickets ".

Coach Departure times / venues

a) The preliminary schedules / meeting points can be found published on the shop site and in the future on www.mh-travel.com. These may vary depending on the departure city. Please be aware, that MH Travel allows detailed schedule (time and date of arrival and departure) changes and other general changes, pending to a notice. 
b) At the respective venues, all riders must be present at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, so there are no delays. Depending on the departure city and traffic, the coach may arrive later than scheduled. Departure will not be before the scheduled departure time, unless all riders are present.


Each passenger is responsible for keeping their seat and surrounding area clean and tidy. Any damages to the coach will be charged to the offender. Each passenger will sign a statement regarding this cautioning. We ask for your help, your attention and your understanding. Party yes, but please with respect for the driver, vehicle and your fellow passengers!


As luggage space is limited on the coach, the luggage per passenger is limited:

  • 1 large bag (hight + width + depth = 170 cm maximum)
  • 1 small bag / backpack/ luggage (hight + width + depth = 100 cm maximum)
  • 1 tent (whether large or small, folded in tent bag)
  • 1 sleeping bag (rolled)
  • 1 mattress (rolled)
  • 1 folding chair
  • 1 folding table (for reservations of 2+ people! You must register it if you want to bring one!)
  • 1 Pavilion (for reservations 3+ people! This needs to be registered!)
  • X beverages (beer / water / ..), food, other small items = only in limited numbers for immediate consumption (see below)!

ATTENTION! Only food and beverages, which are needed for immediate consumption during the outward journey, are allowed. We do NOT allow beer cases etc. on-board. The tour guides are instructed to dismiss these unnecessary things. Locally, there are enough supermarkets, where you can purchase cheap food, so that it doesn't have to be dragged across half of Europe!

If you need to take additional baggage please report this as EXTRA. Enter your additional luggage to "Comments" field when purchasing ticket. In case of any questions, contact us at coachtrip@mh-travel.com!


We do allow all kinds of beverages on-board the coach, however we do not have space for dozens of pallets of beer.


You can also bring your own CD/DVDs of course. No problem!


Whilst travelling, there will be plenty of regular rest stops for a break of fresh air and for any smokers on board. These usually take place on Motorway service stations/parking. During stops at the departure points, it may not always be possible to get off the coach as the journey will quickly resume once all passengers are accounted for.


Each passenger is commited to bring his/her valid ID or passport. In some cases it may be necessary to display the ID at border controls or by officials at your travel destination. In addition please read the following information regarding Identity card law for the relevant country: